Hello Alcohol! , I love you.

I’ve decided to add “I love you” onto the end of my titles. It signifies that I have gratitude for the thing I am writing about. And yes I am aware that the comma need not be there. But I want it there. I like to bend rules and move outside the box. This post isn’t about me being a raging alcoholic. I would fail as an alcoholic. I have strict rules about when I’ll allow myself

Hello Wolf!

As I was walking home on Saturday night,  I suddenly became aware of a wolf beside me. A new shamanic guide to accompany me.  I briefly wondered what it would make of my current entourage of shamanic animals,  angels,  fairies,  mermaid,  spirit guides.  The wolf rejoined me this evening, sitting beside me in contemplation. It hasn’t had any input yet.  Other than to appear when life is a little quiet.  I’ll talk to him this week I

Hello World!

Hello World!

So, this is my first official post on my new website. It’s very blank at present. Very much a blank slate. I am creating. Actually I am learning to create. It’s like being given a universe to create within, without the instruction book. Much like becoming a human. This website, like a whole world, awaits. It awaits my mark, my soul, heart and depth.  It wants me to be within and all around the pages, menus and

My Multipotentialite Poem

I am multifaceted And that’s okay I am both sides of every coin And every viewpoint around the table I am the whisper in the wind Telling you to breathe and smile I am the wind itself Connecting everything into being For if you ask me who I am My answer will take a thousand years Would you be any more enlightened? Knowledge would come momentarily If you stepped close enough to feel it Beyond all of