Hello Coincidence! , I love you.

The one is several billion chance. Today at 00.55, a friend of mine on the other side of the world was listening to a song and wondering who was singing the chorus part of the song. I was asleep and did not see the message he sent me, querying who this was. Minutes later he had worked it out and sent me the answer. All the while my phone was switched off and sat on the sofa

Hello Ted Talks! , I love you.

Today I have the fantastic opportunity of going to my first ever Ted Talk Conference. I have spent many hours watching these videos, inspired and taking back my learnings to others. Today I get to see it in person – how amazing! I am very excited as I gear up for the day. Considering make-up options (in case they are filming). Which outfit shall I wear. Do I need a notepad or should I just listen intently.

Hello Books! , I love you.

Hello Books!  , I love you.

I have an addiction. Yesterday I bought two new books and swore it was a one off. Today I bought another six. My friend found me curled in the corner of the book shop obsessing over their new delivery. This is the curse of being a multipotentialite and an introvert. We love to read and learn.  And we love to span that learning over many subjects. I used to visit the bookshop a few times a month

Hello Disconnection! , I love you.

I’ve just been a week without my smart phone. Okay that’s not a huge deal, but it sort of is at this day/age. I quite happily sent it away for a repair and embraced not being connected to the internet all of the time. I had already weaned myself off some of the habits I’d picked up, such as using my phone as an alarm clock and checking it one more time before bed. There were only