Hello Ted Talks! , I love you.

Today I have the fantastic opportunity of going to my first ever Ted Talk Conference. I have spent many hours watching these videos, inspired and taking back my learnings to others. Today I get to see it in person – how amazing! I am very excited as I gear up for the day. Considering make-up options (in case they are filming). Which outfit shall I wear. Do I need a notepad or should I just listen intently.

Hello Books! , I love you.

Hello Books!  , I love you.

I have an addiction. Yesterday I bought two new books and swore it was a one off. Today I bought another six. My friend found me curled in the corner of the book shop obsessing over their new delivery. This is the curse of being a multipotentialite and an introvert. We love to read and learn.  And we love to span that learning over many subjects. I used to visit the bookshop a few times a month