Hello Progress! , I love you.

For those of you that know me, you’ll know I’ve always got a few things going on. Today I came home from my day job. Had about half hour rest and then proceeded to work on Transition stuff until about 21.00. So today I’ve worked for about 11 hours in total. Tiring, yes. Feels good? Yes. I feel so proud of myself and what I’ve achieved today. This is why I’m an advocate for volunteer work and

Hello Hormones! , I love you?

So there’s something you should know. I am not afraid to talk about moon time, to man or woman. In fact I try to talk to men about it more as I don’t believe it should be a “taboo” subject that men should be protected from. Get over it men. Get over it and learn about it. The subject is actually quite fascinating. I have gathered you here today to marvel at hormones and how they affect

Hello Four Directions! , I love you.

Hello Four Directions! , I love you.

A shamanic journey. Today I did a Middle World journey to connect with the four directions and see what answers they could hold in store for me. Wow. What an amazing half hour. I won’t share everything but will share some words that came from the West direction that I felt were really poetic. Where did I come from? I came from the growing of death. All that was and all I became, mulched together and resparked.

Hello Passinspiration! , I love you.

  Yep. I’ve invented a new word. This here word is the combination between passion and inspiration. In case you didn’t get it 😉  I’m going to talk / write a little about this feeling. As a description, passion of course, easy, desire, firey thrusting desire. I don’t mean thrusty in a sexual sense. I mean, that push within your core that makes you go forth and DO. When we have passion, logic seems much less important.