Hello Eckhart! , I love you

At least I think I’m about to talk about Eckhart Tolle. I may mean Wayne Dyer. Both these men were very influential to me around the same time. I recall reading both their books in parallel, I love them greatly and I am sure they would be just as happy for me to mention them together. This post is about, well, not minding about outcomes. Here’s what inspired me to share. So, there’s a situation going on

Hello Money!  , I love you. 

I’ve been trying an experiment.  This is a blend of mindfulness,  presence, appreciation and awareness. I want to save some extra money this month.  So after paying the bills,  I split the remainder between how many weeks were in the month.  Essentially working out my allocated pocket money.  I then put it aside in cash each week. When my purse is running low, I check out of my cash box what I need for the next day