Hello Storm (chaos dragon)! , I love you.

This weekend I attended an empowerment course. I was guided to meet my Chaos Dragon, who went by the name of Storm. This dragon taught me that chaos has it’s place and that sometimes not knowing the route or the ending can be empowering. The big moment between my dragon and I was when he backed me into a corner and began to tear away the walls around my heart, with his teeth, leaving me vulnerable and

Hello Eckhart! , I love you

At least I think I’m about to talk about Eckhart Tolle. I may mean Wayne Dyer. Both these men were very influential to me around the same time. I recall reading both their books in parallel, I love them greatly and I am sure they would be just as happy for me to mention them together. This post is about, well, not minding about outcomes. Here’s what inspired me to share. So, there’s a situation going on

Hello Money!  , I love you. 

I’ve been trying an experiment.  This is a blend of mindfulness,  presence, appreciation and awareness. I want to save some extra money this month.  So after paying the bills,  I split the remainder between how many weeks were in the month.  Essentially working out my allocated pocket money.  I then put it aside in cash each week. When my purse is running low, I check out of my cash box what I need for the next day