Hello Fear! , I love you.

Fear can make us run from the things that only want to love us. Isn’t this a bit insane? This fear will never be from a present event. It’ll be the past, or something we are telling ourselves that may not be true at all. Yet we will still run, convinced that either history will repeat itself, or that our deepest fears will be right. How much do we give up or sabotage with this behaviour? How

Hello Gizmo! , I forever love you

Hello Gizmo! , I forever love you

Gizmo was returned to me today. Here he is. Picking up a box from the vets when you normally pick up your animal is one of the saddest things about having them. As I opened the box I cried, asking the world, is this all he is? Just a bag of dust? Sometimes it just doesn’t seem real. How can my once, full of life cat, be reduced to this box? A box that doesn’t make miaowing

Hello Emotion! , I love you.

I am up at some ungodly hour here, committed to writing about everything that flows through me. Tonight I’d like to touch upon emotion. Yes, I am grieving. I also am committed to working with the heart. Both those things have brought up the odd conversation lately, that when I have mentioned ‘feeling’, people have looked at me like I’m an alien. Then I am either temporarily shunned until I cease to talk about feelings & emotions,

Hello Gizmo! , I always love you.

Day four of no Gizmo. It’s the nights that are the worst when things aren’t good. The house is quiet. I’m very aware there’s an absence. I didn’t realise before how noisy, destructive and troublesome Gizmo was. Hell would have broken loose about four times by now, just this evening. The void is certainly empty. There are landmarks yet to come to continue to mark his passing. The last blankets he laid on will need washing at