Hello Disaster! , I love you.

Disaster! “Is that so?” Turning disaster into an enlightening experience. This is how I ‘try’ to roll. This week my home flooded. Not too badly, just enough to cause chaos for a few days. I’ve had a number of condolences and worried people offering sympathy, an ear etc. Through all this there is a huge part of me that is glad this happened. I have come to learn so much. For a start, I learnt how to

Hello Travel! , I love you.

It’s been a while. I’ve been pulled in many different directions lately, had many rushes of ideas and many thoughts to pursue. Amongst all that, I’ve made a decision to  pluck up the courage and do a little solo travelling. So, I’m going to Iceland!! I find that travel expands our awareness, teaches us so much more about ourselves and the world around us, inspires us, kicks us up the arse, and connects us with many more