Hello Hoodie! , I love you.

A milestone has come to pass. I’ve been dating this lovely man for nearly two months now and things are settling nicely. I love those moments that are unexpected, not pre-planned by either party, but make a big impression. We have many moments like those and I really wish I could have a video of all of them. Today as I come home from work, I am about to experience another one. I didn’t know it at

Hell Dreams Within! , I love you.

I am anxious right now. I always knew 2017 would bring me good things, and indeed it has. On the strike of midnight entering into this year, I began a new relationship. Within a very short space of time, I knew that this would be something spectacular. Turns out he’s very open to my Travel Hound status. Last night we booked our first travel plans. Destination Ireland. I’m fired up. We’ve discussed revisiting my beloved Iceland towards

Hello Scary Dreams! , I love you.

The room was dimly lit, however I was lighting candles. Something kept blowing them out, although there was no wind. He likes candles, so I endeavoured to keep relighting them. I was doing this slowly with an air of frustration. A noise distracted me. I walked over to the nearby door, and peered out. There was a small hallway with a wooden ladder leading to the roof. The hatch that opens the roof was open, and I