Hello Perfectionism! , I love you.

The curse of the perfectionist. I logged into my old website earlier. I was looking for a photograph of a necklace I made once and recalled that they were on there. As I flicked through, I remembered how much I loved that site. I had to abandon it for two reasons. It looked awful on mobile and you pretty much had to configure a whole other website for mobiles = more work. The other reason being, at

Hello People of Belper! , I love you.

Our community has done good work today. I’m really proud of where I live. A bunch of us woke up this morning and went over to the Market Place. Here, a lovely building called No.28 has allowed us to take residence for a few hours to promote our community work alongside running a cafe to create the ambience to talk and build on our network. We call ourselves Transition Belper with our volunteer work focussed on making

Hello Heartbreak! , I love you.

The endurance of human beings never ceases to amaze me. I sometimes work in jobs where there’s a larger team of about thirty. People often feel comfortable enough to talk to me. So I hear some deep problems. I then watch those people go about their working lives, with this weight heavily on their shoulders. They carry on. I guess it’s a very British thing to do; ‘Keep calm and carry on’. I don’t know how they

Hello Northern Ireland! , I love you.

I’ve just got back from a lovely visit to Northern Ireland. I stayed in Bushmills and travelled around it’s surrounds. It was beautiful. Some things struck me about these areas. They are gorgeous, and very empty. I have seen some of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes in my life. And they were very empty. On one particularly beautiful beach, there was me and one other couple. Along with the empty beaches was a lot of empty