Hello Perfectionism! , I love you.

The curse of the perfectionist. I logged into my old website earlier. I was looking for a photograph of a necklace I made once and recalled that they were on there. As I flicked through, I remembered how much I loved that site. I had to abandon it for two reasons. It looked awful on mobile and you pretty much had to configure a whole other website for mobiles = more work. The other reason being, at

Hello People of Belper! , I love you.

Our community has done good work today. I’m really proud of where I live. A bunch of us woke up this morning and went over to the Market Place. Here, a lovely building called No.28 has allowed us to take residence for a few hours to promote our community work alongside running a cafe to create the ambience to talk and build on our network. We call ourselves Transition Belper with our volunteer work focussed on making

Hello Heartbreak! , I love you.

The endurance of human beings never ceases to amaze me. I sometimes work in jobs where there’s a larger team of about thirty. People often feel comfortable enough to talk to me. So I hear some deep problems. I then watch those people go about their working lives, with this weight heavily on their shoulders. They carry on. I guess it’s a very British thing to do; ‘Keep calm and carry on’. I don’t know how they

Hello INFJ State of Emergency! , I love you.

It’s been one of those weeks where a crash is inevitable. I’ve been tired for weeks, juggling a different set of plates and working out what fits together in this lovely new year. As with all life circumstance changes, the plates eventually crash to the floor a little when the balance is… rebalancing. Things must flow out as things flow in. Making decisions quickly and reevaluating what needs attention can take too much time to put into