Hello New Habit! , I love you.

The light is here and now I am free! During the Winter I always forget how the lighter days felt. Now they are here, whoop what a difference! So with it I have begun a new habit. During the dark I felt the familiar slump. I was getting to work tired, slightly irritable, needing more coffee’s than I could face. It was taking me half the day just to wake up. As the light came I began

Hello Preferred Gender Groups! , I love you.

I’ve thought deeply about writing about this subject. My conclusion has been to finally say what I want to say. The background of this post; I look after an eco group called Inner Transition, as part of the Transition Network. Some months after I birthed this group, I was contacted by a lovely lady who wanted to get involved. Her desire was to create a group, specifically for women. Of course this was met positively and negatively

Hello Conditioning! , I love you.

Or do I? I read a lot. And lately I’ve been wondering if this is such a good thing. Besides my groaning bookcase shelves. One of which recently decided it wanted to be on the floor with all the books that resided on it. Of course I had to ponder the meaning of this. I turned to You Tube, obviously. I idly listened to random videos until one came on by JP Sears. He was being asked