Hello Happy Space #1! , I love you.

Wheeeee!!! I’ve begun a new project called My Happy Space. Super exciting and super awesome. I will of course add a page about all this as I create the advertising. I also really wanted to chart my progress. It’s amazing when you look back at projects and see how each month went, what you achieved and how it evolved. The obstacles, how you got over them. I really wanted to push myself to record this journey as

Hello Belper Goes Green Weekend! , I love you.

What an insane weekend. Accomplished so much. So the weekend just gone saw the local Belper Goes Green festival. A group of girls banded together to create a space to connect, share gratitude and meet local businesses. I sold books and touted myself as the Book Fairy. It was a lot of fun 🙂 All proceeds will go towards a new venture which I am growing quietly behind the scenes. I began the weekend deciding that I