Hello Chester Bennington! , I love you.

Goodness, what a time of sadness. This post isn’t the same feel as the seemingly happy and grateful title. But I am sure I can go with that theme eventually. I hear that Chester has hanged himself, aged 41. Mental health issues? I just don’t get it. The help is out there, the support is seemingly everywhere. Why do these people still drown? Why does the help, not help them? Chester has been a big part of

Hello Cat Gifts! , I love you.

I write to you from a very weary eyes position this morning. My beloved Shadow has proven himself to be a man. At 04.30am. As I slept mostly peacefully, my lovely boyfriend was being hassled throughout the night. We had taken the unusual decision to leave the window open, where Shadow can come in and out of. He was sitting watching the night, seemingly harmless. So we granted him all night in/out access. Around 04.30am my boyfriend

Hello My Happy Space #2!, I love you.

My Happy Space is finally launched! I really wanted to record the journey in more detail. Time constrictions did not allow. I’ll let you know what has happened since the last post. I launched the Facebook page and within days it has 32 likes. I attended the digital marketing session which was extremely helpful. They gave me lots of good advice, as well as advice which I’ve since learnt doesn’t need to be strictly followed. The bottom