Hello Ending Self Torture! , I love you.

This is a late one. I’ve had a pretty shitty week. Other people have been my problem. Flaring up in my face and reminding me how inadequate I feel. What I should have responded with is a reminder to thank me for the good I’ve done, rather than point out what expectation of theirs I failed to meet. After a day such as this, I feel wretched. It feels like a hangover. My whole body feels in

Hello My Happy Space October! , I love you.

This post finds me a little disgruntled. My second event was last night and didn’t go as well as the first. I did hope for challenges early on so I could learn, improve and move on. I got my wish. I was grateful for the learning and am looking forward to making all the improvements that will make the future sessions even better. I’ve had a really good start in many ways. I am disgruntled because the