Hello Self-Perspective! , I love you.

I have sat and meditated and considered my work issues further. What I have realised is some of the words I use to describe what upsets me so. “She said…..”, “She behaved like this towards me”, “She doesn’t care or appreciate me”. It’s all what I perceive others to think of me. What about what I think of me? And who knows if I am even right? The bottom line is that I am deciding what their

Hello Work Insanity! , I love you.

Feel like I’m going slightly crazy. It always ends up this way. I start a job, I feel that initial elation. Then bump as the job isn’t what it first seemed. Then I get to know it and start to swim along more. Then the things that irritate me about most jobs start to become more obvious. I begin to spiral down. Into crazy. I find a small thread of sanity. Then by a miracle, I find

Hello Iceland 2017! , I love you.

I am back from another trip to Iceland. Actually, my mind is coming back, my body is here, my spirit is still in Iceland. So, I shall continue on with the recount of the events of my trip. Thursday 2 November 2017 My boyfriend and I took the long journey to Iceland. Three trains, a monorail, a short bus, flight and then another two buses. The flights are short, but in total it took us many hours