Hello Self-Perspective! , I love you.

I have sat and meditated and considered my work issues further. What I have realised is some of the words I use to describe what upsets me so. “She said…..”, “She behaved like this towards me”, “She doesn’t care or appreciate me”. It’s all what I perceive others to think of me. What about what I think of me? And who knows if I am even right? The bottom line is that I am deciding what their

Hello Challenging Bloody Website Building! , I love you.

Or do I? I have spent a whole day today updating this bloody website. I’m damn proud of what I have done, but also frustrated at the shortcomings. I feel uncomfortable reading stuff that’s way out of my understanding. I know I have no way or inclination of ever understanding some of it. But anyway, here I am, an updated website and a day behind me. So, what do you think? There is lots still I want