Battling the Voice of ‘Not Good Enough’ #2

Further thoughts on my confidence knock today. I did feel a slight sense of relief. I think because deep down I feel out of control when working for another organisation. I know they bring stability, sick pay, annual leave etc etc, and I would love half and half. But the bottom line is, I would feel like I’d be trading one job carrying out someone else’s thoughts and ideas for another. What about my own? I spent

Battling the Voice of ‘Not Good Enough’

Growing up as a sensitive often comes with the price of low self-esteem. Feeling like we are not good enough. I have a dose of that today. So I applied for a new job, as my current job is due to be made redundant in about a year. This new job was exciting, doing things out of my comfort zone but completely within my passions. I went through a lot of soul searching, upgrading how I saw

The Road of Vulnerability

The Road of Vulnerability

I am on a quest, to discover and merge the me’s. I have been brainwashing myself with Brene Brown on a recommendation, after a long time of asking why am I not seen. The answer is clear. I have been on a mission to keep myself small. I surround myself with those who want to also keep me small. Very few people want to see me rise. I almost make sure of that. This needs to change