Nope, I didn’t manage to pull myself back with a few meditations. Instead I lie here now, ill and a little too far gone. Everything that has been happening has blasted through my emotions, mind and now reached the physical. I didn’t act quickly enough. This incoming realisation came about from a few things. I was speaking to my counsellor about being good at helping others, she disagreed. She said I clearly wasn’t good at it as

Just Slightly Left to the Edge

I’m here again. Going slightly off the rails, in a very controlled way. I’ve had a lot to think about lately. I never considered myself to have a mental health problem, because I don’t have a label. After a mental health workshop I realised that mental health is a topic as generic as physical health. We all have something to take care of. So rather my mental wellbeing is not great I guess. The gist is that