Hi, I’m Clair…..

And this is my fancy website where I document my own personal development and journey through life. It has been built to guide the journey home. Through healing, experiences, sharing, travelling, dreams and reaching for the stars.

I call it Pure Light of Home because that’s where I believe we end up. In a place that feels like Home, full of Light. The route there (life) is full of challenges, learning and I reflect well when writing. I want to share my journey. I know by sharing this I can help others and give them something to think about too.

What would I like you to know about me? I’m a girl, currently later-thirties, living and working like your average person. Outside of work I dabble in many things with various groups of people. At the core, I’m a healer. My desire is to make the world a better place, empower others to find their own happiness, and to fill my world with beauty. I have a dream which ends in me having a beach house retreat centre, where people can come and go to pick themselves up, learn, heal, and love. Till I get there, I’m doing my best to create this wherever I am for myself and for others.

My intention here is to get over my intense fear of putting myself out into the world. Here I am! (Here we go, life’s waiting to begin). If you get the reference, we’re already in love 🙂

I hope you and I will have fun together. . .

With Love,