About Clair

Hi, I’m Clair…..

On my old website I had a multi-paragraph story containing a snapshot of the difficult time I had growing up, the breakthrough I made and some waffle about the training I’ve done and all my multiple interests. Almost like a cv with some tale involved. As heartfelt and engaging as it was, I decided I didn’t want to carry that story with me to here.

What would I like you to know about me? I’m a girl, currently mid-thirties, living and working like your average person. Outside of work I dabble in many things, all of which I hope to share on here (in time as I learn to create this site). At the core, I’m a healer. My desire is to make the world a better place, empower others to find their own happiness, and to fill my world with beauty. I have a dream which ends in me having a beach house retreat centre, where people can come and go to pick themselves up, learn, heal, and love. Till I get there, I’m doing my best to create this wherever I am.

My intention for this site is to give myself an outlet for the many things that rumble around in my head. To also create one space where all my projects can combine (again, when I learn to navigate this thing). Also to get over my intense fear of putting myself out into the world. Here I am! (Here we go, life’s waiting to begin). If you get the reference, we’re already in love 🙂

I hope you and I will have fun together. . .

With Love,