Healing Sessions with Me

I conduct healing sessions from my home on a donation or exchange basis.
I am in the process of becoming a member of Time Swap.

I have trained in a variety of healing disciplines and combine all this together to bring you whatever it is you need for your particular situation.

A session with me will start with a chat. Then we move onto the actual healing which I mostly conduct hands off (no touch). We will then discuss the healing and potential ways to move forwards. We will create an action plan and will follow this up at the next session.

Healing has so many benefits;
– a space and time to relax
– connection with your inner self and your inner voice / intuition
– time to talk through worries or concerns
– advice on how to move forwards
– time to surrender to an energy that only wants to help and support you

The time is all about you and available to your budget.
Please pay what you can afford or you feel the session has been worth to you.
As a guide, one hour sessions in a professional setting are usually £35 – £40.