I was at work. I had wandered these corridors many times before, sometimes a new face occurred but usually same old faces, different expressions, different snippets of conversations. As I passed through over the course of a week or so, I noticed a new face. This face stood out to me more due to the dark features, intense eyes and the height or this man. He was around eye level to me, which was how I was able to notice his eyes more easily. They seemed as if to pierce a soul. As usual my mind dismissed the rest of the face, I often saw people I wish I could have a conversation with but how do you arrange such a meeting with someone you simply walk past at random? My social anxiety is much stronger than my desire to connect at times.

Days after, a duplicate of times I was working busily in the reception when he came in. Simply to collect his own work that was piling up in a box next to me. But this mere act gave away the clue as to which department he worked within. I attempted to utilise my goofy self to strike a conversation, but each time my plans were thwarted unknowingly by colleagues who sought my assistance for various tasks at exactly the most inopportune moment. Still, I gained some happiness that my appearance came off as in demand and helpful. I promised myself that next time I would try harder to engage this man.

Whilst pondering how me and this fellow colleague would cross paths I suddenly saw a vision. Me and him bumping into each other in a corridor. Impossible, I retorted to myself. I am very careful about how I walk in the workplace environment and would not wander aimlessly around. This could not happen. So I put it out of my mind and continued on.

One quiet morning about a week or so later I was sat with my newly pregnant friend discussing our plans for breakfast. We cheerfully agreed to split a coffee and bacon sandwich deal. Full of anticipation I told her I would run on ahead and order. Once I had collected my purse, I bolted out of the staff room in my โ€˜fast walkโ€™ pace. Then there it wasโ€ฆ.. BUMP. I vaguely realised it was him yet was too overcome with apologies and still dreaming of my coffee. He laughed and said it was fine, but my head was too far in the future to register as I rushed off to order my drink before a queue began. Once settled with my friend, and bacon sandwich deposited into her hand, the realisation hit me, my premonition had come true!

What does this teach us? As idle a story as this is, it teaches us to rely on our intuition as well as the more seventh sense stuff that comes to us.

Here’s a great book I have read on trusting your own inner intuition. Never forget that your inward guidance is strong!
(Please be aware that this is an affiliate link, which pays me a small amount of money for sharing this with you).

Homework: Compile a list, or even a notebook of all the times your intuition has guided you well. When you start to doubt your inner guidance, refer to this evidence that you have logged, to remind you that you are hardly ever wrong.

A Story of Premonition
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