About Clair

The wind was blowing violently around me. So strong that I began to lose my grip on the earth. The rain, relentless and indiscriminate. Uncaring of what I was trying to accomplish.

As nature whipped my body and backpack, I felt a rising of unbelievable happiness. I had found my spiritual home, nature was kicking my ass and there was no where else I wanted to be.

These moments led me to one of the biggest breakdowns and breakthroughs of my life. I’ve had a few, but this one was special. I was stood on the rim of a collapsed volcano, being battered by the wind and rain and seriously wondering if the weather would throw my body over the side. I was alone, vulnerable, at the mercy of nature’s forces, and filled with serene happiness. Something was different. I wanted to dedicate my life to whatever was going on in those moments.

I circled the crater seeing visual reminders of my past. Like an open air museum. As if my life up to now was embodied in the rocks and soil.

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I returned home feeling as if I was made of glass. I was afraid to be around anyone in case they accidentally broke me. I came home, a very newborn phoenix gathering strength to rise.

What followed was many months of some of my biggest personal growth so far. Every part of my life tweaked and changed, or at least supported me whilst awaiting it’s own tweak. I kept returning to Iceland, nurturing that bond and feeling more that I wanted to serve this incredible island.

I wanted to find the spiritual. I wanted to help those who were too afraid to travel to get over there. And not stop there – to keep going. All for the purpose of helping others have their own little phoenix rising. Slowly, I began to pull this website into that direction. People seemed to appear from all over the world, at the right times, to support this process. Suddenly supporting others to have their own solo spiritual adventure was a global project, be that in Iceland or beyond.

The time is now, and your fear can be worked through.
This is what you came here for.

Here’s to many nerve-wracking, fearful, mask destroying, incredible experiences.
Welcome to the Pure Light of Home tribe.

Love and Phoenix Flames
Clair Xx