Hi, I'm Clair, and I love travel and the self-development for a HSP that comes with it.

This website was created to document my own personal development and journey through life through healing, experiences, sharing, travelling, dreams and reaching for the stars. My intention here is also to get over my intense fear of putting myself out into the world - eek! And to share with others the passions of mine that propelled me forwards.

At the core, I'm a HSP, INFJ and healer with a special gift in creating healing spaces. I have a dream in which I have my own beach house retreat centre, where broken people can stay, sort themselves out and go back to their lives, fully supported. Till I get there, I'm doing my best to create this wherever I am for myself and for others. This site is one of those spaces.

My story goes - I am a highly sensitive person. I grew up in somewhat traumatic circumstances which regularly had me running to the soothing sanctuary of my bedroom. My amazing Mother did her best to create a good life for me, and still does. As I became a teenager, I found happiness and falsely believed my tough years were then over. However, I contracted a very serious illness which could have easily killed me. It took years to recover, during which I lost everything that had brought that glimmer of happiness into my life. My recovery brought me the elements to enable me to find happiness again, but the problem was that it had all left me angry, confused and completely lost in the world. I was not equipped to utilise what was being given to me freely to enable me to pick myself back up again.

I went through therapy, I sought support in dysfunctional relationships, I continued to make good choices but later screw them up. My life just went from one mess to another. I kept digging myself into debt, to pay it all off, to dig another hole. I had no stability. I moved home 16 times. Travelling the world desperate to find something that felt like Home. Wherever I went I seemed to either be accepted only for me to reject their acceptance because I didn't feel worthy, or I would get bullied. I didn't know if it would ever end, but at times I wished it would in the worst ways possible.

At some point these stories get to a point where the heroine gets a breakthrough, right? Mine was through intense self-development often inspired by experiences whilst travelling. I got to a point where I really started to face the truth of the life I was living. There were catalyst events that helped me leap forwards, and bouts of solitude where I gained the answers I needed to turn things around. I also began to face my fears, crying most of the way through. Each time I pushed, I gained so much. I began to see that my desires were leading me to the life I was meant to be living. My fears were just things to push past. Through all this I have been learning to take my sensitivity into account and use this to create a new way of doing things. Rather than suppress it and melt into the loud crowd.

My message to you is - Face yourself. Know who you are. Find your fears, your self-development and do it. You will find so much happiness as a result. You will find the road to living your dreams and start the journey towards becoming your best dream self. Most importantly, make it playful 😀  Life is fun, let's make it more fun!

With Love,