Further thoughts on my confidence knock today.

I did feel a slight sense of relief. I think because deep down I feel out of control when working for another organisation. I know they bring stability, sick pay, annual leave etc etc, and I would love half and half. But the bottom line is, I would feel like I’d be trading one job carrying out someone else’s thoughts and ideas for another. What about my own?

I spent some time in my own space. I looked at the bookcases and reminded myself of the potential I hold. I have part done the Mike Dooley Infinite Possibilities course. Why don’t I finish that and start sharing it? I am a qualified healer a few times over. Why am I not sharing that?

There is a lot of potential still.

Also, I haven’t actually lost anything. I didn’t have the job or the interview to start with. So technically nothing has changed. I completed a form. That was it. Nothing is any different.

Thank you logic brain.

What methods do you have to self-soothe in times of disappointment?

Battling the Voice of ‘Not Good Enough’ #2
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