Growing up as a sensitive often comes with the price of low self-esteem. Feeling like we are not good enough. I have a dose of that today.

So I applied for a new job, as my current job is due to be made redundant in about a year. This new job was exciting, doing things out of my comfort zone but completely within my passions. I went through a lot of soul searching, upgrading how I saw my previous experience and put an application in. I was convinced I’d get an interview easily but may have issues bagging the job at that stage. I suck at interviews. During this process I saw that my lack of HND or Degree was holding me back. As was my lack of driving ability. I’m already booked for driving lessons next month but the qualification is another beast. Even if I did one part time now, I wouldn’t get the Degree for 6 years. I’d be 45!

It’s a lot to think about. Anyway, I pushed all this aside for now, focussing on how lucky they would be to have me. I checked the job application online and still no messages over a week later. I assumed it was probably the new online portal, and I reached out to my hopeful future manager. He told me I hadn’t even secured an interview as there were too many stronger applications than mine. I wasn’t even slightly in the running.

Despite all my positive thoughts, the disappointment came, as I knew it would. I breathed through it. I listened a little to the voice that was dying to tell me “You aren’t good enough. You were punching above your weight. Everyone else is going to be so much better at that job that you would have possibly been. The manager knew he would have been carrying you if you had the job.” That voice was wanting to continue. I knew I had to change course.

So I reminded myself of my belief in the Universe, and that the job clearly wasn’t the job for me otherwise I would have had a stab at it. Maybe it was the process, maybe it triggered another process that was yet to come. Something else out there is more suitable for me, and the Universe knows it. I walked with that thought for a while. Then I reminded myself of a time when it seemed all was lost, but it was the events that led me to that point that instead led me to a more amazing event. Something I couldn’t even dream of myself. I embedded that in my mind and walked on.

The truth is, at this point I don’t know why I didn’t get that interview. The main thing is that I do not let this event tell me I am not good enough. I can allow it to tell me that I need to do something else to upgrade my life and my future.

So to my lovely self-development sensitives. Your homework is to rewrite an event to make it be in your favour. Or if you are going through something now, I want you to draw on an experience that will support you to believe that this will lead you to something better. The Universe is on your side. I know you can feel it. Let’s align <3

Battling the Voice of ‘Not Good Enough’
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