Belper Unicorn – An Excerpt

“Oh no!” said Rob Lindop of Sage Green Cuisine

“I’ve run out of my goats cheese tartlets and it’s only 10am! Whatever will I do?”

More customers started to throng around the traffic lights, awaiting the lights to signal their time to rush upon the eager market stall holders. Rob wrung his hands in worry.

But then. . . through the early morning light, the Belper Unicorn trotted over to Rob’s perspex food guards. With a twinkle of his horn, the stall was filled with the best goat’s cheese tartlets made this side of the river.

“Ohhh!” Rob exclaimed in shock. “Thank you Unicorn!”

The Belper Unicorn nodded his head in acceptance, and trotted back through the mist.

Should I make this into a book for Belper? 😀

Belper Unicorn – An Excerpt
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