This week I have spent my mornings listening to Frank James. His speciality is INFJ, people, his inner world, all that jazz. I love it. At first I was kinda put off by the typical You Tube screen shots and bold headings. I decided to go against my initial judgement and listen. And wow. This man has helped me to understand more of myself.

Two subjects I have touched on this week; ‘INFJ’s are Cold’, and ‘Authenticity’. I had touched on my coldness recently after an acquaintance and I fell out. She felt me withdraw and my boyfriend explained that this is something I do. We explored why this was and then Frank filled in some more of the gaps in my understanding. The pattern is one of over-giving, or taking more responsibility for someone else than I should. I deplete myself and then have to withdraw to recharge. So very quickly can go from loving friend who is there 24/7, to distant freeze and please-leave-me-alone. It can be quite confusing. The answer is to balance the amount I give as well as the responsibility I assume to be mine. Frank suggested deepening spiritual practice to find that inner peace. I agree. It was highlighted to me recently as something I need to prioritise.

Authenticity – This one was more about the inner thought world. I love discussing human behaviour. This did used to concern me, but now I understand that the reason for this is that I just like to figure people out. If something doesn’t quite match up, I obsess slightly until I have it figured out. I see life as casting my net. This is how I am in constant conversation with the Universe. I cast my net and get an idea of where I am and how things are going. If something lights up as not quite fitting, I focus on that part until it is understood or removed. Where people are concerned, I want to know what affect they will have on my life. Some people can have the ability to take everything possible from a person. This has been done to me far too often. Someone I have innocently welcomed in, only to find once inside, they then set about destroying everything possible in my life that they could touch. For their own gain of course. Some people just want what I have. I need to know what sharks swim in my waters, before it is too late.

I have to flee away now, real life calls. I recommend Frank’s insights. He says himself that he is still learning. How lucky we are to learn along with him 🙂

Love Clair Xx

Frank James and The World of INFJ
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4 thoughts on “Frank James and The World of INFJ

  • 7 April 2019 at 03:00

    Yes, yes, yes… Refreshing as self exploration arena and first I’ve caught site of INFJ interaction or community exchange forum.
    Psyched you guys!
    Btw, been working on website concept for > 2 years and despite tons of materials, training/education, background, creative break-outs, business, life and tech experience, I am still stuck!!!!
    Thousands of trees demand attention but my vision is creating the environment for the forest in which they all exist and are intertwined throughout their life cycles. Whewwww… Any thoughts? It’s TAG-The Aging Game and I am aging … will I make it?
    ♡ Jane Alex M

    • 28 May 2019 at 18:05

      Crumbs, that sounds like the space I am currently in! Do you think you may be overwhelmed by having so much to consider?


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