I am anxious right now. I always knew 2017 would bring me good things, and indeed it has. On the strike of midnight entering into this year, I began a new relationship. Within a very short space of time, I knew that this would be something spectacular. Turns out he’s very open to my Travel Hound status.

Last night we booked our first travel plans. Destination Ireland. I’m fired up. We’ve discussed revisiting my beloved Iceland towards the end of this year, which would be our second trip of 2017. After reading travel blogs, advice websites and tourist information galore, I’m feeling that familiar feeling. I want to travel more long term. I don’t necessarily want to always be on the go. I partly stopped moving around so much because I wanted to make friends that I could actually go to the pub with, rather than email on a Saturday night.

I want to be more mobile, as well as more flexible to work mobile. I want to be able to go away, then come back, go away, and come back again. Working minimally the whole time to sustain myself and the future. I want to see more, experience more, share more. I write all this in the hopes that putting my dreams out there, will bring me back the reality.

Here is my intention. I will live in my current address for 2017. This year I will downgrade my belongings. As 2018 draws close, I will leave this place. I don’t know where I am going. But I know I’ll be blazing one hell of a trail behind me.

Hell Dreams Within! , I love you.
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