I’ve decided to add “I love you” onto the end of my titles. It signifies that I have gratitude for the thing I am writing about. And yes I am aware that the comma need not be there. But I want it there. I like to bend rules and move outside the box.

This post isn’t about me being a raging alcoholic. I would fail as an alcoholic. I have strict rules about when I’ll allow myself to drink (non-bendable rules dictated by the people who pay me to work). This is about the benefits of alcohol. Or what I call, pressing the reset button.

You know that point when life gets a bit much, you’ve been working hard for a while, spending a lot of time with other people. Everything is up in your grill. I begin to feel this niggle at the back of my head. I know I need to go out for at least 2 pints. It may take a couple of weeks to find the optimum time, but when it comes – yay!

So I went out last night for 2 pints. My headache that had been building over the week disappeared. My muscles relaxed. I had a long walk home with my iPod, falling in love with my music and then when I woke up this morning I felt that familiar feeling I get after a night like this. I felt peace. Complete relaxed peace all through my home and my body.

I basked as long as I could before recalling that I had failed to set up the essentials. I had failed to drink any water in the evening so now have a couple of hours to focus on rehydrating myself. I didn’t buy anything for breakfast, so had to break my peace and go outside in the busy town to hunt. I also didn’t clear my diary for the morning so had to quickly make myself presentable to meet with someone. All before 10am. So this post will also serve as a reminder to myself, of this moment, here and now. In the hopes that next time I am due for my 2 pints, prepare, enjoy, and then blog.

Hope you are having a great Saturday 🙂

Hello Alcohol! , I love you.
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