Ugh, how can you love yourself and your anger?

I am fuming. This week has seen an accumulation in rage for me. And no, it’s not Moon Time. What’s really ticked me off is the repeated treatment of people by corporations and those working for them. It’s the everyday people that sadden me. The big businesses are bad enough, but I get shocked when the people working for them start to support their bad behaviour.

I pride myself on kindness, doing the right thing, supporting others. I get shocked when people out there take choice to not do that. I’ve always worked in hospitals so maybe that’s the difference. The bulk of my working life has been about genuine customer and patient service. The focus is entirely on what we can do for them. And whether we can do it better.

Out there, businesses seem to be all about money, and screwing over those that don’t have it. Employees seem to have huge ego’s and this sense of ‘I can do what I want’ and such support this ethos. Every worker I have dealt with this week that are in the business of making money, has tried to get more out of me than my bill is, and been perfectly happy to do it. From the post office worker who tried to get me to use more stamps than I needed to post the item I had, to the rental agency who tried to charge me interest on a payment they advised me not to pay. I am sick of it. What is wrong with you people?

You may live in a dog eat dog shitty world where money revolves around you. But you all look miserable. I love the majority of the world I live in. I have people around me who are focussed on service, sharing, helping, and they freely give of their time and anything else they have. They are often smiling, laughing, and love to support others. Their lives contain so much more happiness. This is the world I like to be in.

I dream of buying myself a tank, getting inside and putting down in flames everything and everyone that perpetuates this ridiculous world of screwing each other over. We are all here together. We get by, by supporting each other. You are not better than anyone else. We are all fighting the same battle of trying to get by in this very confusing life. Sort it out.

Hello Anger! , I love you.
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