How fricking exhausting. I’ve spent HOURS looking at branding. Not just for one project, but three. Yes, I knew it was important. But crumbs I was avoiding it. I must admit though, the internet has some amazing tools to create amazing branding that I’m really proud of.

Here is where I thank Canva. Boy that website has a lot of wonderful advice and tools. You just need to learn how to use them. To arrive where I am now, I started playing with a draft flyer until I liked the look of it. Then I researched palettes. I found one which seemed to have the colours that to me, sent the message I was looking for. As it is a palette, all the colours are designed to complement each other. Finally the fonts. I browsed other designs looking for fonts I liked. I found one, and then researched the complimenting font. And there we go!

As a result I have rebranded ever so slightly a project that is already underway. The differences are very small but seem to work together much better. This is because the project now has funding and I needed to revamp anyway to include the funding body’s artwork onto the flyers.

I have also branded a new project which needs a LOT of work but the flyer alone will help with motivation. For all my projects I usually start first with many scribbles on an A4 lined paper. Getting all my ideas out of my head and onto something I can read over and over. Next I create the flyer as a form of play to see what it could look like to the world outside. This shows me the gaps in my thinking that I haven’t considered yet.

I also redid the colours for this website. It seems I can’t do much with those at the moment since the theme I am using is restrictive in that sense. But it is nice to see my palette for the future as one of my tasks is to open an Etsy shop – woohoo!

Really pleased and very thankful to Canva. Without this website I would not have the vision I have today.

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