I write to you from a very weary eyes position this morning. My beloved Shadow has proven himself to be a man. At 04.30am. As I slept mostly peacefully, my lovely boyfriend was being hassled throughout the night. We had taken the unusual decision to leave the window open, where Shadow can come in and out of. He was sitting watching the night, seemingly harmless. So we granted him all night in/out access.

Around 04.30am my boyfriend awoke and quickly woke me up too. He simply told me to look. In between us was nestled a dead rat with one simple puncture wound. Shadow had very carefully laid his gift between us as we slept, so that we may have the joy of waking up to it. Shadow was nowhere to be seen.

I quickly bundled up the little ratty and popped him in the freezer so we could lay him to rest when we were next awake and together. I jumped back into bed to try and get back to sleep, however all we could do was recount tales of these moments to each other, making each other laugh. We eventually drifted into restless sleep due to the sun having risen.

I am sort of proud of Shadow. He can find his own dinner and be a real cat. Not like the cat version of him that I see indoors where a moth is difficult work for him. It warms me to think of him carrying this rat, and carefully laying it in the space between us to symbolise that we are to share this gift. I forgot to ask my boyfriend which half of the rat he would like to take with him to work.

Speaking of work, I need to flee. Leaving my last words in dedication to ratty. He graced our bed and our lives very briefly. But we still loved him. All hail ratty.

Hello Cat Gifts! , I love you.
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