Or do I?

I have spent a whole day today updating this bloody website. I’m damn proud of what I have done, but also frustrated at the shortcomings. I feel uncomfortable reading stuff that’s way out of my understanding. I know I have no way or inclination of ever understanding some of it. But anyway, here I am, an updated website and a day behind me. So, what do you think?

There is lots still I want to do. Hey ho I will get there. In the meantime I want to celebrate my progress so far. This website is now on it’s second theme and I’m really happy with how much better it is. I’ve got fancy sliders. Much better menus and said goodbye to the header that didn’t seem to do anything.

I am exhausted though. Be aware, if you are building a website, it will take days. It’ll push you beyond what you knew. You’ll find a thousand ways in which you want to improve it, as you are already improving it. Take lots of time to find the right theme. Be picky. It will pay off in saved time, I promise. Use the demo version for inspiration. It’ll remind you what you loved about the theme in the first place, and stop you from clogging it with crap.

And drink lots of water. Brain work is strangely tiring. During today I even had a nap.

Good luck and have fun!

Hello Challenging Bloody Website Building! , I love you.
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