Goodness, what a time of sadness. This post isn’t the same feel as the seemingly happy and grateful title. But I am sure I can go with that theme eventually.

I hear that Chester has hanged himself, aged 41. Mental health issues? I just don’t get it. The help is out there, the support is seemingly everywhere. Why do these people still drown? Why does the help, not help them?

Chester has been a big part of my life. Yes I am a die hard Angels & Airwaves fan, but I also very deeply love Linkin Park from the first moment I heard them. I recall listening to them for hours in my bedroom while i still lived at home. They were incredible even then. Over the years Chester’s voice became more amazing, more gorgeous, more chilling. Each album bringing more songs that could make your heart stand still. All because of his voice.

A few years back I finally took the plunge to have singing lessons. I told the teacher to make me sound like Chester. He was my voice hero. Of all the voices in all the world, his was what I wanted to be. For the first time I sang ‘Shadow of the Day’ to someone else (my teacher), and he said my voice had the ability to sound like chocolate (yay). He taught me how to pull out the long tones that Chester can do, with diaphragm control. I ceased the lessons because it was too hard to get to, and getting expensive. But I never forget that I got some lessons on how to sound like Chester.

Chester is also the sole reason I pay for music. During one video he made, he mentioned that a song was now worth less than a cup of coffee. This shocked and angered me. His music should not be allowed to be worth that little. Downloading free music makes a mockery of all those hours the artists spend creating it. Why should we have it for free and support an industry that thrives on making artists unable to continue to make music? Every art form takes time to create. They earn that money. We enjoy that music for decades. Is £10 for a few songs really too much to pay?

I feel for the members of the band. Linkin Park has been around so long. How will they continue? What will they do? All their lives have changed forever. So sad.

I love you Chester. You already did sound like an angel before you became one… can’t imagine you sounding even more angelic that you already did. I’d love to hear that voice though.

Hello Chester Bennington! , I love you.
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