The one is several billion chance.

Today at 00.55, a friend of mine on the other side of the world was listening to a song and wondering who was singing the chorus part of the song. I was asleep and did not see the message he sent me, querying who this was. Minutes later he had worked it out and sent me the answer. All the while my phone was switched off and sat on the sofa in the living room.

At 9.55 I awoke by the bladder alarm. After getting resettled into bed I made a very rare decision to listen to some music. I love music in the morning. But since the death of my docking station and my latest bedroom having the plugs in inconvenient places, I have not had much music listening go on in there. I popped on the end of the album that contains this song. After some time I was once again altered by the cat alarm. So I popped my iPod in my pocket and saw to her. I went to my phone and switched it on, settling my iPod down, just as this song was starting.

At 10.40 the chorus of this song began, just as my messages began to come through on my phone. I read my friends message exactly as the chorus was being sung. What are the chances?

Hello Coincidence! , I love you.
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