Yesterday I shared my website address with someone new. It was part of a larger document I was working on and I thought nothing of it. I went to sleep in blissful ignorance about what was going on as I snoozed peacefully. Then the next day, reality sent me a text message. This new person in my life had cared enough to read my blog posts… the horror. They related something I had written in my blog, to a comment I made in a text. Panic shot through me. What would they now think of me now they have read more of the inner workings of my mind? My heart beating fast, my next thought was to scour my posts, imagining I am them, role playing the judgements they may have made while reading. It all sounds ridiculous, and yet perfectly appropriate at the same time.

Having scoured my posts and once again concluding that I am more of the unusual types of people, I can breathe. It’s not all too crazy.

Amazing how being ourselves with no barriers can inspire such panic. By the way, if you are the person now reading this… yep I’m a touch crazy. But then so are you 😉

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One thought on “Hello Creator’s Anxiety! , I love you.

  • 23 February 2017 at 22:52

    So will it freak you when you read this? 😛


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