“Is that so?”

Turning disaster into an enlightening experience.
This is how I ‘try’ to roll. This week my home flooded. Not too badly, just enough to cause chaos for a few days. I’ve had a number of condolences and worried people offering sympathy, an ear etc. Through all this there is a huge part of me that is glad this happened. I have come to learn so much.

For a start, I learnt how to switch off water, really quickly. Prior to this I had no idea where this red wheel lived or even existed. I learnt what kind of tradespeople need to assist in this kind of situation, and that death by electrocution is a possibility. Luckily this wasn’t the case as the first thing I did was make contact with the water. I learnt about tools that I had no idea existed. Like a vacuum cleaner that sucks up water – wow! Plus the industrial dehumidifier that is still whirring away. I found many items that I was holding onto that I really didn’t need or want. They were waterlogged so away they went. I reshuffled some of my belongings in this process which has helped me free up more space and take stock of what is stored in my nearby cupboards. I was also forced to relax as I felt so flummoxed by the situation, all I could do was sit with some Plants vs Zombies  for a while to allow my mind to catch up with the events. And of course, the people. At my lowest point I managed to contact the exact right person who within minutes whisked me to the pub and listened to me process the day.

For me, what is the disaster? You can cite the time from work, the extra electric I’m having to use, the extra housework. Of course I feel awful for the people below me who also got impacted. A valve in my hot water tank wore out and it was lucky I caught it before I left for work. It all could have been so much worse. It could have hit the electrics, destroyed everything I own, resulted in me having to move out (with nothing!), killed me or someone else. As disasters go, this is okay. I am grateful for the experience.

One Love.


Hello Disaster! , I love you.
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