I’m having this thing at the moment where I’m realising that I’ve achieved so many of my dreams. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking you don’t have everything you want. The lifelong pursuit. But it is essential to stop every once in a while and think about what it is you have achieved.

I have so much now, compared with what I used to have.

I have a fairly okay flat. It’s not great but it’s functional and it’s all mine (rented however). But the point is that I am sustaining it all by myself. Something I never thought I would do.

I have a pretty good job thats’s very close to where I live. My travel time is a 6 minute walk. I’m paid well in comparison to many other jobs out there of the same scale. I work with lovely people and I see some of them socially. I get along with 99% of people there (basically all but one person). I’m not overworked. I have time to make myself tea and time to explore my gifts. That’s in comparison to the other jobs I have had where my travel time could be up to four hours a day, exhaustion, mental breakdown and working with people who were just so difficult. Yay me 🙂

I’m slowly building my own employment in my spare time. It is very different to my other adventures in business where it all rested on one thing working. I have multiple things to play with and it is all unfolding nicely. I can finally see a light where I can be self employed doing something I love. Again, another yay to be moving towards being paid for doing what my heart wants. Dream coming true 🙂

I have a lot of friends for many different purposes. This is something I have never had. I’ve had friends where we have common ground, spent a lot of time not having many friends at all, to now. Having lots of friends, so many that I struggle to see them all as often as I’d like. I now have worldwide friends too. Some I have met, some I am yet to meet. But it is wonderful to know that at all times, there are so many people on the end of a message that would love to hear from me. That is pretty wonderful.

I am travelling more frequently and seeing my Mum more, but more on my terms. Again amazing. I used to struggle to see my Mum and it would be sometimes maybe 3 visits a year if we were lucky. It has just turned September and I have seen her four times already this year. I’ve been to Ireland, Wales, Dawlish, Exeter. I still am yet to go to Iceland for the second time. And that’s just this year!

My finances are the best they have ever been. I still don’t have a great deal of money. My sofa is pretty dead and yet I can’t afford to get another one. But I have enough savings to consider buying a house. Something I also never considered but I am sick of being a landlords bitch. I am also in a great place to be working towards a motorhome. Finally! House first. I’m just really pleased that my incessant saving has paid off and will gain me a home that I can make my own.

My health is also pretty good. I am healthy. Okay I have weight to lose but my kitchen is looking better all the time and I am with someone who wants to be healthy too. That makes a huge difference. We both value exercise, vegetables and good food. It’s great to be with someone who won’t drag me down in that area.

Finally, I have two great loves in my life. My ShadowCat and my boyfriend. Both make me very happy, both are cute, fun, and are sources of great joy to me. I’ve found the best cat and the best boyfriend ever. Lucky me!!

In conclusion, life is pretty good. I have all I need. All I want right now. And dreams I have accomplished. Happy Clair 🙂

Hello Dream Realisation! , I love you.
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