At least I think I’m about to talk about Eckhart Tolle. I may mean Wayne Dyer. Both these men were very influential to me around the same time. I recall reading both their books in parallel, I love them greatly and I am sure they would be just as happy for me to mention them together.

This post is about, well, not minding about outcomes. Here’s what inspired me to share. So, there’s a situation going on at the moment which is sparking my attention. It’s intriguing and I want to ensure the odds of learning as much as I can about it are in my favour. So my natural reaction is to dive in. Dive deep and get almost borderline creepy about it. So this is sort of what I want to do. Follow every road I can, discuss every seed, pick it apart and almost not leave anything to chance. This is great for maximising knowledge, but my intuition has been shaking it’s head a little. Something isn’t sitting right. I felt the disapproval earlier, as I was planning how I can yet again extract this situation for maximum learning. My intuition was saying, “This doesn’t sit right with me. Go back to the drawing board and think about what you are doing”. So I tested myself. If I followed my recent rabbit hole, and didn’t get what I wanted from it, would I feel disappointed? What would my outcome be? Would I be texting people the next day moaning about it? Would it diminish my enthusiasm in the future, making me recoil away? Would I take this is a ‘that didn’t go so well’ experience and use it to back up my list of reasons why I don’t move ahead in future? The questions beckoned.

The voice of Eckhart came to me. At least I think it was Eckhart. To be honest Wayne and Eckhart work so seamlessly together that I’m sure they’ve both came up with the same thing. The single sentence “Do you mind what happens?”

I gave it some thought and realised, yes I kind of do. It will affect me if I don’t find out the things I want to know and learn what I want to learn. It will affect me if I don’t extract the experience I am hoping to have. So maybe I need to just stop, reach inside myself and find peace before I move again. I need to find the part of me that doesn’t mind what the outcome is, before I continue down this rabbit hole.
So here I go. . .

Not minding what happens is very freeing, and opens up more possibilities. It brings more detachment from situation and outcome, allowing a more pleasant experience. It doesn’t have to be cold detachment. Mine can stem from a love of myself. I don’t want to build an expectation that may hurt me further down the line. I would prefer to remain open, accepting and loving of whatever outcome or progression. Non-judgemental of whatever experience does decide to unfold, rather than limiting the experience to only be what I am wishing for, and if it isn’t that, my toys will be out of the pram. The Universe is intricately intelligent. It knows what to bring me and what experience is right for me, right now. What am I doing, assuming I know better? What if it’s plan is even better than what I’m thinking? And by limiting it, I am limiting myself. Limiting the billions of possibilities that can walk into my life at any moment.

So, with that in mind, tonight I remain open. I take away my judgement and expectation. I await the Universes instructions. I allow life to unfold for me, while I just make sure I listen within for the calls of my soul. Tonight, I find peace.

Om Shanti.

Hello Eckhart! , I love you
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