I am up at some ungodly hour here, committed to writing about everything that flows through me. Tonight I’d like to touch upon emotion. Yes, I am grieving. I also am committed to working with the heart. Both those things have brought up the odd conversation lately, that when I have mentioned ‘feeling’, people have looked at me like I’m an alien. Then I am either temporarily shunned until I cease to talk about feelings & emotions, or I am told that I should be looking forward for the day when I grow out of it.
. . . grow out of having feelings???

Let me ask, what is wrong with having feelings? This is part of the human experience. Feeling everything as deeply as possible gives us depth that we can bring to other experiences, lighting with wisdom situations that may have ordinarily not have made sense. Feeling everything in the long run aids our mental health, if it does put it under question temporarily if under the throes of deep emotion. Why would anyone want to give all that up? Why would an existence of letting everything go over your head be preferable? We live on a planet with other humans. Where is the connection if everything is robotic?

This is why I advocate heart based work. I read of this beautiful meditation recently that I think can help visualise. Imagine that at the heart of everyone is a sunflower, big yellow, beautiful. When you communicate with another, see their sunflower. This works well. When I tried this for the first time, I was getting into trouble for something I had not done 100% perfect. The other person was annoyed. I was thinking, I’m human, I can’t do everything perfect all of the time. Then I visualised their sunflower. I saw it wasn’t really me they were annoyed at, their focus was on another person, and worrying if they would suffer because of my failing. Their heart was full of love. I could now communicate with them on a different level, one that spoke directly to their heart. The conversation switched from blame and frustration, to working together to find a solution. All it took was a heart connection.

I’ll leave with those thoughts for now. It is far later than I should be up. Blame my vivid dreams. I dreamt I was training which ended with me strutting around like I was Buffy on a mission. I think I was so excited at the thought that I was Buffy-like, that I woke up. And of course, being awake at night, you absolutely must mull over a conversation you had which frustrated you. Thus keeping you awake further. That’s the fun of being human.

Sweet Dreams <3

Hello Emotion! , I love you.
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