Something unusual happened to me last week. I got annoyed by something written on social media. So much so that I spoke out rather than remain silent. It’s rare that something rattles me, even rarer if something rattles me enough to speak out. I was still thinking about it today. Wondering what had really caused my reaction.

As I thought deeper, I realised the thing that had frustrated me the most was the gist of the messages written. It was all about the denial of experience. To summarise, they were discussing how they didn’t understand why some people do a certain thing. I suggested to them that they explore the experience by talking to the people already involved within the things they didn’t understand. To me that seemed logical. However they continued to reiterate that they “didn’t get it”, firmly sticking to their opinion. I didn’t get their refusal to open up their mind to experience something else.

I think this is something I try to live by. By entering into a world that is different from your own, you experience so much more. You expand perception. Make connections in spaces you never thought possible before. Your whole experience of life takes a turn. Of course this goes with the assumption that the thing you are exploring is safe and positive.

I believe I would like this to be one of my messages to the world. To open up to new experiences.

I have a friend called Tom who felt so inspired by my solo trip to Iceland, that he decided to do the same. He said he had previously not thought it was possible, until I did it. Taking a solo holiday isn’t impossible. But most people turn their back on the idea citing all sorts of ridiculous reasons. Why not just do it?

I ask you today, to open your mind. Explore an idea. Talk to someone who is involved in something you don’t understand, or feel you cannot do yourself. Dare yourself to take on board a new way of looking at things. Explore the world around you, with all you are.

Much Love.

Hello Experience! , I love you.
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