Yes, I’ve just been to Iceland.

It’s knocked me for six in some ways. I didn’t expect to fall in love with a place like I have here. Yesterday as I packed up the last of my Iceland clothes into storage, I felt heartbroken. I’ve felt heartbroken since I left actually. From the second I sat on the plane to come home.

Since returning I spent some time with my new photographs and managed to have a meaningful conversation with a fellow traveller. Someone who felt the same as me. I took a break from my usual routine and focussed on expressing. Writing, recording sound bites, light yoga to some beautiful music. My writing became deeper, more exploratory, questioning everything that arise within me. The confusion began to get a little clearer, but still I felt lost.

I began to create. I made some pictures, like the one above. I made some others and sent them to the travel agencies that guided me during my time in Iceland. Briefly reconnecting with the place I love. I began to feel better. This creation was connecting me with people all over. It was pure me, poured into my camera, my software tweaking, my words, put into a still frame and then given to a moment where myself and others would smile together. Sharing my happiest moments and creating happy moments for them too. All set in pure beauty. It was lovely to send these pictures imagining them being opened by someone else, and that person smiling, knowing that this could not have happened had we not encountered each other.

I found this to be quite healing.

I’ve loved doing introvert work to then use extrovert skills to bring them out into the world.
From Inner to Outer, with love.

Hello Expression! , I love you
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2 thoughts on “Hello Expression! , I love you

  • 21 November 2016 at 16:04

    Thank YOU! I’m so glad you loved it and told about your delight! I’ve been thinking of meeting my adult children in Iceland, as it is only a couple hours flight from where I reside…now we’re gonna go! Because of you! Thank you!!

  • 21 November 2016 at 19:14

    I love your writing style, Claire. It’s like we’re sitting in a room talking over tea and coffee, like chatting with an old friend.


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