Last night I spent time looking how to decorate my new staff. Allow me to tell ye the tale of how it came upon my life. . .

Some weeks ago I was walking with my Shamanic family. It was certainly a day of discovery and dreamweaving. We happened upon a tree where upon we tied ribbons as symbols of our future dreams. We found a beautiful water feature in a field, a telltale sign that more water was nearby. Hours passed us by as we stopped at each discovery, marvelling at its wonder. But there at the water feature, I felt a strange stillness. The leader of our group gestured towards the top of the grassy slope, and beckoned us to follow him.

Once at the top of the slope, he instructed us all to continue the walk in silence. Another leader went on ahead to be a human signpost. We were advised that we were about to transverse a stile unlike any other. In anticipation, we awaited our turns to cross over into the realm we were about to find. As it became my turn, I looked to find the stile was a wooden fence ladder, with a rubble stair on the other side. I crossed this, still unaware what was on the other side.

I walked in silence, the grass grew greener, the air more silent, the sun filtered through the tall trees, the entire world around me grew more green and brown with the shimmer of bark and earth. I paused as a wave of emotion began to encircle me. I felt that familiar yet rare feeling, God was here. Tears welled inside my eyes, not of sadness but of sheer awe at the space around me. It was so beautiful. A stream trickled nearby so I went off course to seek it out. A few steps away and there it was, in a small clearing. I stood in wonder, this space, so magical and beautiful. It couldn’t get any better. The air so silent, rung so loud with the sounds of God Energy. I felt so relaxed, trusting, wise, that feeling that everything is completely okay as it is and all is well. I continued my journey.

I reached a very steep and muddy slope. The signpost leader was halfway up, with his staff firmly planted in the ground to anchor his body. His hand reached out towards me. I took it and my feet began to slip. My teary emotion turned to laughter. Through the silence I laughed loudly as there was no way I could retain my balance on this slope. The signpost leader did his best to keep me from tumbling down all the while laughing at my lack of self control. Like an expert, between us both we coerced my feet into sliding safely to the bottom. Once there, I looked around me and momentarily stopped breathing.

All around me were signs of fairies. Man made signs, planted on purpose. However this had created an etheric home indeed. There was a fairy house, logs made into a seating area and trinkets left by those who came to seek the magic. I took a couple of steps towards the stream and felt myself caught in a trance. The forest was talking to me.

The water, rocks, trees, branches, light were all giving me messages about life. Each time my eyes rested on something, I began to hear a story that it had to tell. They were all so eager to educate me, knowledge that to them came so freely. I listened and tried to remember each one. All the while I saw something shine at me from across the stream. I continued to listen to the plants, stones and water until our leader signalled that the silence was over. We could talk. I jumped over to him and pulled him to the stream, pointing out the shine. I asked him if this was for me.

He waded into the stream, reached over and pulled out a branch. After a quick examination he agreed that it was strong enough to use. Another walker came over with a knife as we quickly trimmed it down enough for me to carry. We all stood around admiring my new staff. Atop it was a clear rune formation. The leader reminded me that we had begun looking for my staff 2 years previously. 2 years of me slipping and sliding on every walk, needing assistance at tricky places. This staff symbolised so much. I took the piece of branch that we have cut off, and placed it back under the tree where it came from. I communicated with the branch end that it was to be my anchor to this place, and we would always be connected.

As we left, I carried my new staff in front of my heart. Combining our energies and asserting that we were now as one. When I arrived home that evening I looked up the meaning of the rune. It was symbolic of nature spirits! This is truly a fairy staff. Once decorated I will walk it to its old home and once again listen to the wisdom of the forest.

Hello Fairy Staff! , I love you
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One thought on “Hello Fairy Staff! , I love you

  • 9 May 2016 at 21:02

    A truly magical story & beautifully expressed. Thank you for sharing it with the world 🙂 Cherry xx
    PS. Fab to see your website up & running too 🙂


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