A milestone has come to pass. I’ve been dating this lovely man for nearly two months now and things are settling nicely. I love those moments that are unexpected, not pre-planned by either party, but make a big impression. We have many moments like those and I really wish I could have a video of all of them.

Today as I come home from work, I am about to experience another one. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was cleaning up the kitchen, trying to make good use of my limited time before the evenings plans were to unfold. This sparked off a mini cleaning frenzy within me. So as I entered each room, I picked up and tidied as I went along. I came to my bedroom and went to hang up my dressing gown and there came the moment.
Aha! He had left his hoodie behind…

This is a momentous occasion in many a girl’s life. The moment you are alone with the hoodie in your own space, this truly means something. It is one of the most sought after items to claim, even if temporarily. Ask any girl. If she isn’t brought alive by the possession of her boyfriends hoodie, then I query her commitment to romance with her man. It signifies comfort in your man, comfort felt in your presence. As well as a deep trust. No one leaves a hoodie behind anywhere public.

For me, my first instinct is to smell it. The whole thing smells of him… and it is divine. Then of course put it on and prance about in the bedroom for a bit. Of course it is too big, but it doesn’t matter. For these moments, I am in possession of my boyfriends hoodie. I am the chosen one.

Upon realisation that it doesn’t go with anything I want to wear tonight, I place it neatly near my pillow. And there it will stay until he notices it’s absence and requests it’s return. Of course if this was a hoodie that looked good with my jeans, then the tug-of-cotton would begin. I would be left with no choice but to state it’s new owner, and not back down until the hoodie became rightfully mine. Those glorious days of slouching about town or drinking coffee with friends wearing my boyfriends hoodie would all be mine. I would be wearing the one thing that tells the world I belong to someone, that I am covered in someone, that I’m happy to be reminded of that someone all day long.

Sigh. What a magical world we live in…

Better carry on with the housework.


Hello Hoodie! , I love you.
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  • 28 February 2017 at 17:48

    So that’s where it went…


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