So there’s something you should know. I am not afraid to talk about moon time, to man or woman. In fact I try to talk to men about it more as I don’t believe it should be a “taboo” subject that men should be protected from. Get over it men. Get over it and learn about it. The subject is actually quite fascinating.

I have gathered you here today to marvel at hormones and how they affect our thinking. I started paying more attention to this in recent months when one day I text a friend claiming that I really wanted to kiss this man I had seen. Her first response was to predict where I was in my cycle. She was exactly right, to the day. How did she know? Hormone math. Sigh. To prove she was correct, a week later we discussed whether I would kiss that man then, the answer was less enthusiastic than it had been.

This had me reeling. How was it that I could wake up that day, feeling things that weren’t really part of me? Or rather, that wouldn’t have been in my mind had it not been for that daily rush of hormones. I recall last week in work, I was obsessed with tidying. Again, not me. But I was nesting and preparing for my child. Regardless that it was unconceived and still an egg, and that I was at work and the state of the filing cabinet would not make any difference to my child’s wellbeing. To my body, I had to clean and tidy until I was going to collapse. My boss loved it, while I staggered home failing to have energy to clean my own house.

I write about this now as this morning I awoke. Thinking it was a normal morning. Then I read an email which infuriated me. It suggested that I had misunderstood what someone had said. Rage coursed through my body. I got to work and with each person that gave me a problem to solve, and with each challenge that arise, I grew angrier. I found myself in a situation where I was forced to sit in silence for about 20 mins. And there, as I reconnected with my inner self, I saw and felt it. The rage, the annoyance, wasn’t me. It was swimming in my blood awaiting for the next thing to alight it into righteousness. I winced as I admitted that perhaps my mood wasn’t as justified as I thought it was. I was hormonal. My boss nodded and quickly backed away. Wise woman.

I guess what I’d like to say is, when you feel this way, try sitting in silence with it. It’s fascinating to observe the hormones and their influence while trying to remain detached. Also it’s fun to share with someone else as you can discuss nesting phases and gain clarity behind the reason you want to kiss Bob who fixes the elevator. Ideally before you drag him into the elevator and do something regrettable. Although I’m sure Bob would be smiling for months.

I’d like to dedicate this post to my boss, who took pity on me today and gave me Haribo.
I may be extra icky, extra fat and extra moody. . . but I have Haribo 😀

Hello Hormones! , I love you?
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