Hello Iceland! , I love you

Why Iceland?

What pulled me in so deeply? Think back to the time you spent there. What was it about the place that made you feel so alive, happy, content?

I liked waking up in the morning to a new adventure. Having a fresh new shower every day. Donning new clothes that would be all I needed for the day. Taking photographs and revelling in what they looked like. Hearing facts and history about the things I saw. I know I wouldn’t feel as excited about these things in other countries. It was Iceland. I loved engaging with new, random people. Finding my tribe if only for a matter of minutes. Finding out how kind people could be, like when I was on those steps leading to the top of the waterfall and the Irish girl helped me down, entertaining me along the way. This you don’t often find in other countries either. People, sometimes tend to be quite hateful of tourists and British. You are seen as a nuisance. I didn’t find the same care inside the hostel however. People seemed more wanting of their own space there. I loved the feeling of not giving a fuck, wearing my pj bottoms as if they were everyday clothes, the way people sang as they walked. It feel free, uninhibited, accepting, inclusive, non-judgemental. I loved how I developed my skills over a short time. I was suddenly amongst experts, photographers, history buffs, naturists. I could pick my scope and learn from the person I was with. I learnt more about my camera in one day that I’ve learnt the entire time I’ve had it. They had a way of teaching you that you could grasp and do. The experiences were too great not to learn as best as you could quickly. Not a moment could pass. I learnt some language, and took pride in it. Something I’ve not done much of in other countries. The people were so friendly too. Offering discounts, friendship, opening the door to connection. Willing connection. Again, where do you find that?

All this experience gave me things I seek. Although they are Iceland specific, they speak to a need within me. Deep held within. My need for love and connection. My desire to learn, capture, translate. Translating feelings, wonder for others to see. My need to be free, fill myself, to push boundaries as to what is comfortable. My love of exploration, pushing my own perceptions and learning from other cultures. I love this. I love finding new places and finding new heart spaces. It fulfils my need to seek new, exciting, adventures. The quick learning. Connecting with experienced professional people who were only too willing during the time you were with them, to share their knowledge. Satisfied a need within me to learn, quickly, with appreciation and once again, a sense of newness.

Capture & Translate
Free Spirit
Pushing boundaries

What am I looking for?

I am looking for a connection, a relationship. Something to aid me to heal. I am looking to keep learning. To communicate in my own way. To explore. Keep exploring and finding new places. I am looking to keep pushing myself, who I think I am, who I can become. I am looking to connect to myself, to others, and the world around me on a deeper level. Continually deepening. Exploring everything. I am looking to communicate deeply, translate deeply. To go to the ends of the world and existence itself. I am looking to have a beautiful relationship with everything, however fleeting. I am looking to love and be loved. Throughout.

I loved Iceland because I felt, home. Adventurers together. Finding connection everywhere.


Hello Iceland! , I love you
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