I’ve had a rather productive day preparing for the local festival. As my previous post indicated, life has been niggling at me. One of my big dreams is to move into a motorhome. I’ve been slowly preparing for it once I realised that it wasn’t completely impossible. My aim is to be taking this seriously towards the end of this year.

Of course this makes a regular job a little tricky. So as you know, I’ve been exploring many other ideas. My bigger output aside from a paid NHS job, is to create. I’ve made nothing from doing this however. I’ve poured in hours to making jewellery, photography. I’ve been told that the price doesn’t match the product. That my products don’t look like the result of hours of work (rather minutes). So the price I try to charge looks extortionate. I was discussing this with a local creator who verified that having a craft as a job is difficult. She told me that commissions were hard to find, and that she never gets paid for the hours she puts in. And that is the reality of having craft as a job. This made me realise that continuing to pour myself into creating to sell, was never going to be the breakthrough I’m looking for. Nevertheless I will be making an Etsy store to sell the items I have already made.

I keep coming back to blogging. Personally I heavily dislike websites that have a pop up within seconds of opening the page. And constant adverts littering the site. It puts me off. But then I found a website that transparently shared their income reports. I was shocked to find that these things have generated this one lady the equivalent of over £6,000 / month. Wow. It actually works. She says she works for 20 hours a week to gain this. I think I could cope with that.

I thought to myself, what is the one thing that combines my passions? And it came to me straight away; Personal Transformation. I document it somewhat here. But this is my own little quiet space. The space where I don’t have a thing to ‘do’. Many of the people I follow and read, have blogs. They promote the lifestyle that they lead. Some have ebooks or actual products on top. It all comes down to supporting others to follow their lead. And I do have a passion for leadership.

I could tie this in with my new up and coming project; My Happy Space. If successful I could help create My Happy Space centres all over. Travelling and truly helping others!

So, here we go. Once I am done with the festival I have some serious plans for June & July.

  • driving lessons
  • Etsy shop
  • sell my unwanted stuff on eBay
  • continue to detox and clear up my home (downsizing)
  • consider a new professional blog for my venture into making blogging something that will make me money. Ideally something easier to manage than this! I love this website but it takes a long time to learn every little trick. Plus I don’t want to sully this space with adverts.
  • Begin the first meetings of My Happy Space in Belper

Perhaps during this time I can pre-write some blogs and research how to get set up good, the first time. Well… adventure abound. I look forward to it 🙂

Hello Ideas! , I love you.
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