It’s been one of those weeks where a crash is inevitable. I’ve been tired for weeks, juggling a different set of plates and working out what fits together in this lovely new year. As with all life circumstance changes, the plates eventually crash to the floor a little when the balance is… rebalancing. Things must flow out as things flow in. Making decisions quickly and reevaluating what needs attention can take too much time to put into long term action. I’d been closing down some parts for weeks. Not quickly enough.

So, this INFJ got right to the edge of system overload. Every tiny movement of my body hurt and my thoughts went on autopilot. Just get me home.

Once I was alone and my space cleared, I rested. I’m really interested in how other INFJ’s recharge. I am specific on the INFJ as I am aware other species can do things like go to the woods, talk to a friend etc. For me, in this case, it is almost a total body shutdown.

Once I regained the strength to move, I played a game on my computer. Not too taxing. Once my body was reacclimatised to moving again, I repotted some plants. Having my hands in the soil was lovely, nurturing. It fulfils my innate need to care for others. I had a lovely luxurious dead sea inspired bath, with a face mask, scrubs and salts. I felt warm, loved, soft.Β Then I watched the clouds move in total silence while laying on my bed. It lulled me into a beautiful two hour nap. When I awoke I watched a movie while eating my favourite soup (Wonton and Chinese leaf). I am starting to feel more normal. Just as the day is ending.

My aim here is to share an INFJ recovery process. We are aware that introverts need alone time to recharge. The more I speak to other introverts, the more I see that INFJ’s are to the extreme. Solitude is like oxygen. Without it we die away and become shells. I would really love to know what other INFJ’s do. I want to get the world talking about these things so they become normal, understood, loved.

We just want to be loved, as much as we love you <3

Hello INFJ State of Emergency! , I love you.
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