I’ve been trying an experiment.  This is a blend of mindfulness,  presence, appreciation and awareness. I want to save some extra money this month.  So after paying the bills,  I split the remainder between how many weeks were in the month.  Essentially working out my allocated pocket money.  I then put it aside in cash each week. When my purse is running low, I check out of my cash box what I need for the next day only.

Of course this comes with challenges.  For example I needed to buy something I could only get online.  So I had to pay by card. This messed up my system slightly.  Also a few times I’ve been in a shop and realising that I need to count what’s in my basket because I’ve only got a few pounds on me.

These have been part of the process. When shopping online I was aware of the feeling that everything almost seemed ‘free’ because I wasn’t paying with physical money. I ordered more than I needed to get free delivery. It almost felt stressful in comparison to shopping in person. In the other scenario,  I feel I was stopped from over shopping or buying things I may not have needed just yet.  I ended up buying one bottle of wine rather than two because I didn’t quite have enough on me.

The result so far is that I’ve not spent nearly half of what I had allocated and predicted to spend. Previously, paying by card for most things,  I would have bulldozed through that money easily. Not realising quite what I was doing.  Almost asleep spending.  How often do we do this with our own personal energy?

So I’m going to keep this up for a while and see what happens. So far I’m liking it very much.

Hello Money!  , I love you. 
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