I am clearing up my bookshelves. As I do this I am getting rid of all the books that cannot help me at this time. I’ve gone beyond it or they don’t speak to me. I’ve paused at a book called “Self Motivation”. The first exercise being that we really visualise the very thing that motivated our action on a thing in the first place. I thought about My Happy Space and what it was that first motivated me.

It was a curious path. I had been to a couple of eco cafes run by our local Transition Towns. I watched how easily they had created a hub for like-minded people and also how I didn’t fit in there. It was male dominated and no one was really interested in my wellbeing books or the groups I was promoting. I wasn’t put off, instead fascinated by the facilitation of the events themselves and how they were ran. It was inspiring.

I had attended with a volunteer friend who at the time ran a very successful pop up shop. The shop was almost too successful and lacking the volunteers she needed, she eventually burnt out and was forced to end the project. I recalled a conversation her and I had had regarding the project. Her vision of community also inspired me. I was weighed down with my own project and could not help her, but I desperately wanted to.

I sat alone to think. I combined all this inspiration and dreamed. My passion is self-development, wellbeing, dreams. I loved the hub atmosphere and I loved the idea of a community coming together more closely. I began to draw. I came out with a word sun, as I have called it. The word ‘happy’ in the middle and the sun flares being all the aspects on what contributes to our happiness. I mulled these thoughts with a friend. After much discussion I went off once more to dream solo. My Happy Space was being dreamt up.

I imagined a space very much like the cafe I had been to, but where no one was behind a table. There was a centre which everyone was part of, so no one was an expert or knew better than others. I imagined eco-wellbeing products for sale. Therapists giving tasters to those who could not afford to experiment. Discussions being had that connected people and raised their own wellbeing in the process. I imagined a space where it was okay to just come and be who you are, you would be welcomed, accepted and encouraged to shine your own light.

I applied for a small amount of funding to trial the idea. I was successful and up to now have run 2 hourly sessions on three evenings spaced around four weeks apart. Two were a success, one was not. To keep going I needed to apply for more funding. I have been successful once again and now look forward to the first session of 2018, our fourth session overall, and hopefully our biggest yet.

As I prepare for this next session I am filled with worry. But I do not see ‘worry’ in my word sun. My path has gotten a little blurry, so I take time tonight to remind myself of why I started this. Why the universe said yes, and why other funders say yes to me. It is an amazing initiative and needs giving everything to. I started this because I saw something that could exist and help change how people give themselves self care. As well as caring for others. I did this to bring the fun into wellbeing. To bring connection into the thing that opens us up.

On Monday, I will remember this. And keep smiling 🙂

Hello Motivation! , I love you.
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