How delicious is motivation. I have unconsciously self-motivated myself today. I set my alarm as the weather man had promised a 9am thunderstorm. He was wrong. But I was up anyway. I began faffing about with my plans for my new project ventures as well as making notes on my current one. It feels good to be free to pursue something new.

My trick was to start flicking through a book on business. As soon as I came across advice or a task I felt would be useful, I either logged it or started the task. Some are just too big to accomplish all at once. As I grew excited, I want to do more.

My eyes wandered around the room as I thought about my future and the inevitable moving out of this flat one day. What did I want to take with me? I zeroed in on a cabinet that I didn’t particularly like. Although useful. I began to empty it out and move the stuff within it, to other areas. Pulling out things that I’d owned for years but never really used. I finally looked up what the Hawai’ian dancing sticks were supposed to sound like. Not great. I’ve owned them for about 15 years. Imported from Hilo Hattie during the height of my “I want to become a Hawai’ian” obsession. They went on the selling pile.

I found my Native American Indian headdress. Of course it needs to be worn right now. Even in this heat.

The cabinet is now empty aside from my guitar which doesn’t have a bag to live in. Once I obtain a bag, the cabinet is free to go. Another step closer to less clutter, less stuff, less weight.

Go me 🙂

Hello Motivation! , I love you.
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