My Happy Space is finally launched!

I really wanted to record the journey in more detail. Time constrictions did not allow. I’ll let you know what has happened since the last post.

I launched the Facebook page and within days it has 32 likes. I attended the digital marketing session which was extremely helpful. They gave me lots of good advice, as well as advice which I’ve since learnt doesn’t need to be strictly followed. The bottom line there was that is was nice to have support and talk to others who are also following a similar path. The flyer has been created and is starting to be shared.


The Obstacles – The more I learn, the more I realise that I need to get the website up and running. At present my tech guy and I are unable to meet up because of my silly diary. He gets me connected and I figure out how to create it all. It’s a beautiful partnership. I am also overloaded with information about what I can do and what my next steps are. I am really struggling to cut through all this and get my tasks done. The more I read, the more I learn, and the more I realise what else I need to be doing. I probably just need to take to a pen and paper and thrash it out there.

The Unexpected – I didn’t expect the wealth of information to come flooding once I got my keywords right. There are buzz words for everything. And once you figure out what the buzz word is, the internet can throw everything at you. The internet is full of online courses, newsletters, blogs. It takes a good while to find something that you can find useful and then to learn exactly what it all is. There are so many websites that promise to cut through all the overwhelm… for a price. I could easily spend thousands on all this. But nothing will substitute me just getting the work done. At least now I know which direction I am aiming for.

The Successes – The support I’ve received is lovely. The network of people wanting to do something similar is amazing. I definitely feel like I am on the right path now. I just need to get it all going. I need peace to do this, and as I am learning, summer is a noisy time. There is no escape from busyness, noise, festivals, people, disruptions. I need a quiet hole to escape to at times, and at present that is a luxury I cannot get.

Hello My Happy Space #2!, I love you.
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