My Happy Space has a website!!!

Since my last update the Facebook page has had more likes. Now up to 41.

My first batch of leaflets have been printed and await being shared. The posters have been drafted and I am awaiting to print those.

The website is set up and has bare bones. So I am building on that before I officially launch it.

We are 1 month away from the first event!

The Obstacles – Having the time and availability to go out and drop off leaflets. It took a little longer to get them printed, and now they sit while I am waiting for a good hour when I am free and town is open. I am finding myself getting easily distracted with things that I don’t need to be doing yet. It is so easy to push ahead on tasks that are further down the line, rather than working on what I need to be doing now. I should be working more on the draft of the first event and networking to ensure good attendance.

The Unexpected – There are a lot of opportunities out there. I managed to get a huge reduction on a festival that is aiming to teach me more about the industry I am about to walk into. I’ve got some real valuable people to work with and information. The website, once I found the right theme, was a LOT easier to set up than this one was. I am considering switching over so I am only learning one theme in depth. Within hours I have got a super professional and beautiful website, waiting to be filled.

The Successes – I’m going to go with the website again! It deserves a double mention. I wish I had played around and researched themes more when I built this website. I picked the first one that I liked the look of. Then spent ages battling with it to make it fit my vision, with oodles of custom css. For My Happy Space, I spent more time reading the descriptions. It was worth the extra work. I’m really pleased at what I have created.


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