Eeeeekkk!!! I’ve just been delivering posters around town. What a scary thing! It’s coming closer and now more people of Belper are going to know about it. Terrifying. The fears are setting in and I am trying hard not to buy into the voice that asks; “What if you fail?”. It is equally as scary as the voice that asks; “What if you shine?”. We are so afraid, aren’t we.

The Facebook page now has 42 likes. Only one more than my last post. But still a lot more than… Sorry… make that 43! I guess the quick run around I just did in town has worked as someone new just liked the page. Yay!


The first event is just over 3 weeks away. And I am about to go away for a week.

The Obstacles – It’s been pretty difficult to contact places to advertise around my full time job. People do respond much better when you visit and ask in person. The lady that printed my leaflets cut off the ends when sending the job to print. I noticed far too late so could only use one side that was more easily salvagable. So lesson there is to check and double check quality control.

The Unexpected – Others wanting to chip in and help make it a success. A friend contacted me out of the blue asking for leaflets to take to an event she was working at. It was nice to have that support there and seeking me out.

The Successes – So far I have four places in Belper/Derby with my poster up. I have a further 3 to deliver to that are pretty much guaranteed to also display my poster. Seven places helping me advertise is pretty good 🙂 . Also the local online newspaper has asked me to write an article. So that’s on my list.

All in all, pretty pleased. The obstacles have so far mainly been waiting either on others to get tasks done or because I am time deficient with working full time. Everything else has worked heavily in my favour. Double Yay!

Hello My Happy Space #4! , I love you.
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